About Bonnie…


I’m 26, living in Newcastle and I’ve turned creating love stories into a full time hustle! I love coffee, travelling, my rescue Kelpie and basically any and all creative outlets.

It all started on the 16th of April 2016, when my friend was getting married... I was a bridesmaid, studying film and had just bought a new camera. She hadn’t booked a videographer and I thought it would be fun to attempt a wedding film for her & her hubby. I put it together, they shared it on Facebook and the bookings have been rolling in since! Although I never planned on becoming a wedding videographer I’ll be forever grateful to Chelsea & Michael, my 0G bride & groom, for letting me use them as my guinea pigs and turn this fun little hobby into a full time business.

I am more passionate than ever about what I do and extremely thankful I get to spend my days meeting amazing couples, sharing in their special day, capturing all the laughter, smiles, tears, hugs & kisses. The memories may fade but your film will last forever.